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I May Have Lost My Mind …

I was all ready to foster with a Labrador rescue group in my area — until I came across this guy on CraigsList this week.

Resistance was futile …


He is 10 weeks old and supposedly 1/2 Black Lab and 1/2 Golden Retriever.  All I know is at 10 weeks he weighs 24 pounds and has huge paws!  He is keeping the crate clean, and so far he’s doing all of his “business” in the back yard.

I had him to the vet on Wednesday evening for his first round of shots, worming, etc.  The vet seems to think he’s going to be big, but not all that tall.  She declared him to be in very good shape, gave him a Capstar to get rid of all of the fleas (immediately) and sent us home with a New Puppy Kit.

To say that Cosmo is annoyed is putting it mildly.  If he were a person, he would be in such a snit that he would be sleeping on the couch and not talking to me.  To say that he is annoyed with the puppy is also an understatement.  Oh my.  If Puppy doesn’t stop trying to hump Cosmo, he better get used to the verbal smack downs!

Puppy does not have a name yet as I want to wait and see what he is like before choosing a name.  So, for now, meet Puppy!

More photos to follow …

8 thoughts on “I May Have Lost My Mind …

  1. He is precious! Cosmo will adjust and he’ll probably turn out to be a great big brother to puppy. I agree about waiting on naming him, his personality will show you a good name for him.


  2. hello puppy its dennis the vizsla dog hay pleezd to mayk yore akwayntanse!!! yoo shoor luk like a happy littel man!!! do not fret abowt not having a naym i didnt hav wun wunse eether!!! ok bye


  3. Murphy can not wait to meet his new cousin. He is quite annoyed that his little buddy K.C. Has been ignoring him for the brand new shiney puppy I , ummmmm, inherited. Lol. Yesterday. K.C. Decided he was going under the fence to run with the horses! He scared me to death. He has no fear. After we coaxed him back into our yard, he was a giant stink mess. He had horse crap all over him, and he was still growling and barking at the beasts as we through him into pull tub outside.

    Murphy and Sam find him amusing , I did not at time. Lol.

    Can’t wait for kisses and belly rubs with Murphy’s new best friend.

    P.S. love the name. :). Not to mention it reminds me of another Auggie we used to know.


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