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Conversation with my Mom, “Your Dad is Deaf, Again … “

I had this conversation with my mom about a year ago, and it looks like this might be a rerun.  A rerun — except for the latest comment from my mom about my dad …

Mom:  Blah Blah Blah …

Me:  Blah Blah Blah …

Mom:  Your dad finally went to the doctor to have his ears looked at.

Me:  Didn’t he already do that last year?

Mom:  Yep, but this time he’s decided he’s going to actually go for the hearing test after they get all of the petrified wax out of his ears.

Me:  Ok.  [thinking … Ewww.  Gross.]

Mom:  So, a repeat of previous exercise to begin with.  I have to put drops in his ears a couple of times a day to loosen things up in there, and then he’ll go back and get his ears cleaned at the doctors, and after that he’ll go to the audiologist for a hearing test.

Me: That’s good, mom.  Maybe this time, he’ll actually go through with the test.

Mom:  I hope so.  Anyway, he was in the kitchen going through one of the drawers and I asked him what he was looking for. He said he needed some scotch tape.

Me:  Scotch tape?  What for?

Mom:  Well.  After I put the drops in his ears, he’s been putting in a cotton ball to keep the drops from coming out.  It seemed that he wanted to leave the cotton in his ears when he sleeps at night time and he thought he would put the tape across his ears to keep the cotton in.

Me:  Haha!

Mom:  Don’t you dare laugh!  [Hahaha!]  I’m telling you — he’s losing it!

Me:  Losing it?  I think he already lost it!

Me:  Did you schedule a hearing test for yourself, too?

Mom:  Oh, shut up.