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Precognition? or Happenstance? No. 11

I went to see Grace at the salon this morning so I could get my mop of hair cut into something more stylish. We chatted during the 35 minutes that I was in the chair, and mentioned to Grace that when I was in Florida with my (elderly) parents in April, as a joke I bought some purple hair chalk

Yes, hair chalk! My grey hair took on a real Old Lady purple hue, but it was fun nonetheless. My dad just piped up with, “What the hell is that crap in your hair?” Mom and I had a good laugh, and that was the end of that.

Grace laughed at me, and said she had never used chalk on anyone’s hair, but we had both seen some of the photos on the internet. Gotta love some hair color!

We no sooner finished this bit of conversation that the receptionist came over and asked Grace if she had time today to put some hair chalk in a girl’s hair this afternoon, and how much she would charge for it!

Grace looked at me and said, “Oh my God! We have to buy lottery tickets tonight!”

Me? I’m off to 7-11 to buy some tickets. Maybe a couple scratch-offs too.



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