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More Things I Didn’t Buy at the Thrift Store

I planned to do some yard sale shopping this past Saturday, but a) I slept in, b) it was rainy, c) it was humid, and d) I just wasn’t all that interested.  I may have to give back my membership to the Yardsale and Thrifter Club.

I did, however, stop into a couple of the thrift stores last week, and in keeping with “The Plan” of shopping and only buying something I just can’t live without, I can happily admit to passing on these items:


I passed on these three glass jugs/vases. Originally, I thought maybe they were Blenko, and was relieved to find a label on the bottom of one that said “made in thailand.” Oh, and that green color really really sucks.

I really wished those lamps were red glass instead of blue.  I don’t do blue in my house, but red would have been excellent !!


I have a small collection of Labbie Franklin Mint plates, and thought at 25% off, I should buy all of these up!


Good Girl.


This thrift always has a good book section, and cookbooks too. Yeah!

 Ok.  I lied.  I bought four of them.  BUT they were 25% off so that’s good, right?