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Turn Here for Wedding

I just got back from two weeks in Florida visiting my parents.  In the past ten years, I’ve done the round-trip voyage of 1,800 miles about 30 times.  That’s approximately 28,500 miles + about 60 nights in a hotel + countless fragrant dog farts floated from the back seat.

I used to really enjoy a good road trip, but recently I find the trip a real pain in the ass.  Literally.  The logistics of making the trip are easier with one dog as there is no jockeying to be the first out to water the nearest patch of grass or bush.  Cosmo is very quiet in the hotel and doesn’t bark at the ice machine down the hall spitting out cubes (like Clover did), he doesn’t bark at elevator arrival dinging sounds (like Clover did), and he doesn’t bark at kids running up and down the hallway (like Clover did).  I, on the other hand, bark loudly at children that slam doors and scream as they race up and down the hall.

There are two outlet malls of interest between me and my parents’ home on the Treasure Coast.  There are a bunch of antique malls and thrift stores between here and there also.  I, however, have never had the chance to shop these meccas of discount shopping because of the dog(s).  None of these places are dog friendly, and I must protest!  My dog behaves better than most little children, or big children for that matter.  And, I refuse to leave Cosmo in the car, alone, with the windows up or down.  Ah, well.  Just forget it.

Every once and a while, I’ll see something that makes me laugh.

In North Carolina, I saw a sign something like this, and it got me to thinking …


… Was anyone invited?  Thousands of people driving south on I-95 could see the sign and say, “Hey.  Cool.  A wedding. Let’s go.”  I wonder if the couple gave any thought to the fact that they could have a couple extra thousand people just show up for the wedding.  Do you think they planned for extras?


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