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Precognition? or Happenstance? #7

An unsettling one …

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a colleague about retiring, and I mentioned my friend who retired from the Marine Corps, went back to school, and ended up teaching at the local community college for her “retirement.”  The conversation continued, and I told him that my Texas friend was also in the middle of building her dream home on a 5-acre piece of property.  We wondered about the price of property in the area, and the cost of living compared to what we’re up against in the Washington area.

I tried to explain that her property was sort of west of Killeen, which is south of Fort Worth and the I made the comment that Killeen is about an hour south and west of Waco.  The conversation veered from my friend to Waco to David Koresh and President Bush.

Not terribly interesting, and just a minor conversation to pass a few minutes.

When I got home from work last night, I turned on the television, and?  Waco, Texas had exploded.


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