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It’s 2005 All Over Again!

I was in the Goodwill store a week ago and heard an announcement that Goodwill has partnered with Dell Computers to recycle old computers without charge.  As my county charges a recycle fee at the dump, I filed this bit of info away thinking that I could get rid of at least one old computer and monitor, and possibly an old Sony Vaio laptop.

Zoom backwards to 2005 – my Sony Vaio (bought in 2001) crashed on me. Blatt! I ran a defrag program one night, and went to bed to let it run (slowly). The next morning, I turned the computer on and nothing. Deader-n-a-door-nail. Wouldn’t boot up. Nothing. I took it to BestBuy (where I purchased it) and they couldn’t get it to boot up either. Couldn’t even get it to come on so they could run a diagnostic program!

I ended up buying a Toshiba Satellite, and am now on my 2nd Satellite (the 1st one is a good backup). I tried powering up the Sony a couple of times after the crash, but nothing.

Yesterday, I was doing some Spring cleaning, and I thought I would put the Vaio in the bag for Goodwill. I even found the power cord for it. And, on the off chance, hoping it would boot up, I plugged it in. It booted up, finished running the defrag program …

And? Voila!

Its 2005 all over again. I have no idea what I’m going to do with the darn thing. Its slower than molasses running up hill in the winter. BUT! The payoff? Some photos of Clover that I thought were long gone (pre-Cosmo). And, a video or two that I’m going to try and work into a small movie.





3 thoughts on “It’s 2005 All Over Again!

  1. When you do decide it’s the right time, take Cosmo with you if you can. It’s always worked for me, that way I can get at least an idea of whether they’ll get along or not. But don’t do it until you’re ready!


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