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Cosmo is a Republican!

When I used to walk both Clover and Cosmo at the same time, Clover walked on the left side and Cosmo on the right — and never the two should meet in the middle.  It wasn’t always easy walking two dogs at once, but we came to an agreement.  They behaved, and I gave them a treat when we got home.

Lately, Cosmo has been driving me crazy with his behavior on walks.  He pulls, and tries to cross over from left to right.  I was pretty sure that he was trying to kill me by tripping me up and sending me flying head first into the pavement.

Yesterday, I had a revelation!  Cosmo was on the “wrong” side!  He always walked on the right before, and for some reason, I was walking him on my left.  The poor guy was confused.  He wasn’t really trying to trip and kill me, he just wanted to get back on my “right” side [sic].

Lesson learned!


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