english as a second language / humor

English As A Second Language ~ Part 2

Last week, my colleague whom you first met a few weeks ago had another language failure.

It went something like this:

Me:  [Taking a sip of water, and coughing as it went down the wrong way.]  Cough! Ack!  Cough! Cough! Ack! Ack! [Tears are streaming down my face, as a I take a deep breath and have almost recovered]

Co-Worker:  Oh my gosh! Are you ok? Everythingokoverthere?

Me:  Cough!  Ack!  I’m fine!  I just swalled too much water!

Co-Worker:  Do you need a hymen?  I can do that!  I know how to do the hymen!

Me:  OH MY GOD!  Cough!  Ack!  Cough!  [Tears coming down my face because I’m laughing so hard.]

Co-Worker:  Seriously! Just say the word!