English As A Second Language

One of the guys I work with has a true way with words. I have to remind myself that English is not his native language. Don’t get me wrong, he’s extremely well-educated and a very nice guy, but sometimes he just gets “it” wrong.
Yesterday, I wore a new top with my black pants to work.  It is an abstract sort of thing with black and white stripes going this way and that.  I like it. Instead of saying, “Hey, Nice shirt!” or some such thing … he pipes up with, “Hey! You look like a Russian sailor.” So not the thing to say to a post-menopausal woman who just plucked 10 grey hairs from her chin before leaving the house.

Graphic Source: via Lisa on Pinterest


4 thoughts on “English As A Second Language

  1. I found myself laughing out loud at this one. Only because I can relate with the plucking, and have non-English friends who translate English into some very funny comments at times. Wonderful post, thanks for the chuckle.


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