happenstance / precognition

Precognition? or Happenstance? #5

Things were a bit crazy at work today, and the phones were going crazy!  This is my little bit of precog for the day.  I needed to call one of my colleagues to alert him of an urgent item that needed to be taken care of immediately.  I reached for the phone to call him, but before I could dial the phone, it rang.

Me:  Hello.

Don:  Oh.  Sorry.  I dialed the wrong number!  I’ll talk with you later.

Me:  Don!  Wait a minute.  How weird is this!  I was just reaching for the phone to call you about this paper that needs to be dealt with tonight.

Don:  Oh.  Ok.  But I wasn’t calling you.  I dialed your number by mistake. 

Me:  Yes!  I know!  But I was just getting ready to call you to let you know about this document!

Don:  Oh.  Weird!  I must have ESP to call you by mistake just as you were getting ready to call me!

Me:  Yep!