Originally posted 12/2/2008.

I spoke with my mom last night. She said one of her neighbors young daughter was out walking an “adorable” black lab puppy yesterday afternoon. My mom stopped to talk with the girl, and to ooh and ahhh over the puppy. The young girl (12 or 13) was not enjoying the walk, as the young puppy was pulling this way and that and misbehaving something awful at the other end of the leash. The little girl was near tears, and told my mom that her parents had bought her the puppy for her birthday. And, in the girl’s words’ “I hate him. Hate hate hate him. He bites me all the time, and chews everything. I didn’t want this puppy. He’s horrible.”

I told my mom to tell the girl that if the family was thinking about getting rid of the puppy because she “hated him so…

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  1. Ah, such an important message missed by so many people. Even my husband really has no idea how much work goes into having a dog as I do all the walking, training, and healthcare and he does some wrestling and snuggling.

    Mango Momma


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