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I Want to Go to Butte, Montana

I stopped at quite a few yard sales this weekend, and came away with a bag full of Monet costume jewelry pins (some NIB – that’s New In Box for the uninitiated), along with some  other vintage pins, some silver earrings, and guess what else? cookbooks!

At one community sale, I stopped to look at a few things being sold by a nice looking guy in his 30’s. The more time I spent looking at the items he had for sale, the more I realized that I was looking at his life.

I noticed a lot of old computer pieces and parts along with an old Nintendo and games (not interested); then I noticed two big boxes filled with music cd’s. When I asked “how much for the cd’s?” he responded with “Hmmm. I don’t know. How about $5?” to which I replied in a squeaky shocked voice “$5 for each?” “No”, he responded, “$5 for all of them. Although, I think this box back here is mostly empty.”

I decided it was worth $5 for the two full boxes, and then I could go through them all in the comfort of my living room. So I said, “sure, $5 is fine.”

As I picked up a few of the cd’s, I decided that the head-banger heavy metal, the 90’s gangsta rap were the music of his “youth.” The Brittany Spears music “belonged to his wife,” and the waltz music? He told me, “My wife said there would be no wedding if I didn’t learn to dance, so we took lessons.”

The last music cd I picked up was a compilation of baby lullabies. He laughed when I picked that one up to put in the bag and said, “I guess the waltzing worked, huh?”  (I also snagged a practically new Baby Bjorn for $3 from Mr. Metallica.)

About 90 percent of the music was from bands I never even heard of, but I snagged a few for myself and gave the rest to a colleague at work who was thrilled to relive his youth.

City Hall, Butte, Montana (1901)

Photo Courtesy of Butte Public Library (on Flickr)

The nice guy gave me a computer thingy that I have been looking for so I could upload some digital photos on “flash cards.”  He also gave me a really nice new Lands End tote bag so I could haul my stuff to the car.

Oh, and I bought a cookbook at another sale for $1.00 called “Butte Heritage Cookbook” published in 1976 to commemorate our nation’s bi-centennial. It is such an interesting book, drawing on stories and recipes from the immigrants that started moving to Butte to work in the mining industry beginning back about 1850.

I have decided to add Butte, Montana to my list of places to see based solely upon a cookbook written in 1976.

Weird, but true.


2 thoughts on “I Want to Go to Butte, Montana

  1. A few observations on multi-dog households. Primarily that, actually, I do get dogs for my dogs and I’ve found that some dogs need a companion more than others. My Airedale certainly yearned for a friend and Mango was so desolate when Raja died that I thought he had aged into a senior dog overnight. Dexter, on the other hand, seems quite content to be the only canine in the house, which leaves me disinclined to bring home a companion for him (even though I, personally, like having two dogs).


    • I think there will be another dog in our future, but just not right now. I agreed with your posting about getting to know Dexter .. I feel the same about Cosmo. One observation? Cosmo never used to wag his tail – ever. Now, its like it never stops! Its pretty amazing to think that for 6 1/2 years this dog only wagged his tail when he saw my mom or dad. Now, he seems so happy to have my full attention. BUT – he is definitely lonely. I am seriously thinking about helping with one of the local rescues by fostering a dog. We’ll see.


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