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Clover’s Got A Big Bump! (Gross Photo Warning)

On Friday of last week, Clover was fine. When I got her home from doggie daycare, I gave her a good brush to get some of the shed. On Sunday evening, around 5:00pm, I notice a bump on the back of her left hind leg – kind of left and south of her tail.

I took her to the emergency vets (e-vets) about located about 45 minutes away. She was fine in the car, and not worrying about leaving Cosmo home at all.   We were at the e-vet for 2 hours! They shaved the area, and did a needle aspiration. The slide they did there was inconclusive, but the very nice veterinarian told me, “It isn’t an infection or bug bite, and it doesn’t appear to be a cyst either. In fact, it doesn’t look good at all. It may be a mast cell tumor, or another kind of cancer. I’m just not sure at this point.”

WTF? How does something pop up overnight like that? The e-vet sent out the slides to a pathologist, and I’m waiting for the results which should be here by Friday.

The bump on Clover’s butt seems to have gotten smaller today, but the color is darker. Its not draining, she’s not running a fever, she’s eating, peeing, pooping, and barking normally.  I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the possibility of this being something that might just be really really bad.  I’m taking her to our regular vet on Saturday and hoping the pathology report is in by then.


One thought on “Clover’s Got A Big Bump! (Gross Photo Warning)

  1. That is alarming. How, indeed, did it just appear overnight? I worry that it isn’t draining. Hopefully your normal vet will have a more definitive explanation. In the meantime, must be a trial to keep it clean and from being fussed over.

    Keeping you in my thoughts.

    Mango Momma


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