A Can of Money

I bought this old (1970’s?) coffee can at the thrift store a couple of years ago for cheap (under $1).  It is large and scruffy, and it came with a plastic lid.  I love the graphics. There are no markings on the can to allude to its manufacturer or exactly what kind of coffee it once held.  The smell of coffee is long gone, too.

I slit a hole in the lid, put it on top of my refrigerator, and started feeding it with spare change.  You know, the change at the bottom of your purse, the change from your pockets, and the money that gets cleaned in the washing machine.

I fed this can for a little over two years.  Pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, $2 coins that no one wants, and a few dollar bills, too.

I hauled the can off to the bank to use the free coin counting machine the other day but when I got there, there was a man already using the machine, and while I had been pretty impressed with my own haul, I couldn’t believe what I saw!

I chatted with the guy while he fed the machine from his trash can filled with coins.  He told me he had been saving up for over 10 years, and he finally filled the can up.  He had already counted out about half of his stash, and the calculator had the tally at over $600.

I looked at my pitiful little coffee can and was almost embarrassed at its collection of coins.

The bank manager came over and asked me if I wanted to go to one of their other bank branches to use their counting machine since this one was going to be in use for a while. He called the other bank to make sure their machine was working and unoccupied, so I slung the bag with my can of coins over my shoulder and headed across town.

When I got to the other bank, I was able to get the can emptied and the money counted pretty quickly.  The machine spat out some old Irish Punt coins, and a couple of paper clips and an old button, too.

Care to take a guess?



5 thoughts on “A Can of Money

  1. What a pretty coffee can! We keep our spare change in an old ceramic bean pot I got at a garage sale years and years ago. I don’t remember when I realized that we never eat enough beans to actually use the pot for its correct use and started storing change in it, but it is about half full. Will be quite a nice haul, although nothing compared to a garbage can!


  2. I have that exact coffee can, only it’s a 1 lb. size. I use it every day, I think Folgers coffee came in it.


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