Not really a costume …. right?


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Cosmo:  Seriously?  You want us to put those things where?  Really?  You better have a pocket full of treats if this is going to work.

Me:  Trust me.  You’re going to look just fine.



Clover: Do you think these things are edible?

Cosmo:  I’m not sure.  You go first and let me know, ok?



Clover:  I am thinking evil thoughts. Let’s go find her favorite shoes, you pee in one, and I’ll chew up the other one.

Cosmo:  She has treats. 

Clover:  I don’t care.  This is just humiliating.



Cosmo:  Please, can I have my treats now? 

Me:  What happened to Clover, where did she go?

Cosmo:  Last I saw, she was hiding in the closet with your favorite boots. 


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