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Crocus Have Arrived ~ Spring has Sprung

I took this photo the other day (with my cellphone, mind you) as I was leaving for work.  I turned around and noticed 5 very scrawny Robins on the lawn .. staring back at me.  Me, thinking, its now official, Spring is really here.  The Robins?  They were probably wondering if I had some fat little worms in my pockets for them.


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5 thoughts on “Crocus Have Arrived ~ Spring has Sprung

  1. I love this. It could be the same one in Carletta’s!
    And I cried when I saw your black labs.
    They reminded me of the one I had.
    I hope they are OK and I love dogs!
    My dogs have blogs ;-)


  2. Beautiful! Our tulips haven’t gotten to the point of buds yet, but I did see a couple of my daffodils blooming already.


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