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Another Thursday 13 ~ Updates Galore!


1.  My parents will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary in April.  When I mentioned this milestone to my mom the other day, she laughed at me.  She said she thought they were married 61 years this April, followed by another comment about how time flies when you’re having fun.  I’m not too sure how to interpret this.

2.  All of a sudden, Clover is old, too.  (As if the world would stand still for any of us!)  She is having problems with her back legs, and if she doesn’t get enough fibre in her food, she’s a miserable dog.  Hmm.  Kind of like my dad when he’s irregular!

3.  Clover mainly sleeps on the floor, in the closet, or in the bathtub.  She is not jumping up on the bed very much, preferring to sleep on the floor.  I wonder sometimes if this is because of her legs, or if is because of Cosmo’s challenging death stare.

4.  Today at work, the boss shared cookies that she got as a gift …. from Quincy Jones.  QUINCY JONES, for goodness sake.  Moravian Spice Cookies.  Yumm-o!

5.  I am going out to test drive some cars this weekend.  What I want (2012 GMC Acadia) — What I am going to look at (2012 Ford Edge or Explorer).  My current vehicle, 2005 Ford Escape has 125,000 miles on it and the transmission is starting to slip.  I think I want to unload this thing before it costs me another penny.

6. I’m having fun over on Random Vintage Square – the other blog.  I decided to keep things separate and it is working out just fine.  I recently bought a bunch of photos on eBay, and have enough stock to keep that blog going until the next Millennium.

7.   Handyman coming to the house in the morning to give me estimates for replacing a toilet, and doing some general maintenance for me.  A couple of months ago, the HVAC guy (who has been coming to my house for years now) pointed out a couple of things he thought I should do around the house.  “You know, you really should fix those gutters before winter …”, “You know, you really should have the dryer vent cleaned more often …”, You know … blah blah blah.

8.  My answer back to Bill the HVAC guy? “Well, Bill, it is like this.  I have a “honey – do” list but no “honey.”  Are you volunteering to come back on the weekend and do all of this work for me?   He sputtered … “Well, no … its just that I have my own list at home to do.”  And, I laughed, and reminded him “I’m a single woman without a Honey.  I have to actually pay someone to come out and fix things around here.” And, that was the end of that conversation.

9. I’ve been cleaning out closets lately.  I have come up with a big bag of stuff for shredding, filled up a big box with papers to file away, and to my great delight, I found one of my passports, and the key to my parents’ safety deposit box.  Yeah!  I also found the envelope with copies of my parents and grandparents birth certificates and marriange certs.  Yeah!

10.  I was not looking forward to paying $500 to have the lock on the safety deposit box drilled and new keys made up.  My dad kept asking me about it, every couple of months for the past 12 years.  “Hey! did you find your key yet?”  The usual answer was, “NO. I told you not to give me that key when I was about ready to move!”

11.  I refinanced my house recently.  I am very glad to not be sending my money to Bank of America any more.  I much prefer the idea of supporting Snoopy and Charlie Brown.

12.  The neighbors in the house kind of behind mine and to the right moved out around the holidays.  They were very noisy neighbors, and I called the police on them on more than one occasion back when they were very bad dog owners.  Why in the world do you get a dog (or two) if you’re going to leave it chained to a tree 24×7?  Rain or Shine?  Cold or Hot?  Animal control took the dogs away from them after many complaints from the neighbors (not just me).

13.  The noisy neighbors were foreclosed upon, and left pretty quickly one day.  They did apprently leave a whole lot of junk behind.  On Friday of last week, I heard some banging and clanging, and looked out the back window to see household junk, and broken furniture come flying out one of the windows.  The bank (or new owner) hired two guys to clean out the house.  Watching them smash perfectly good furniture so they could throw it out the window instead of carrying it down the stairs and maybe dontating it or putting it at the curb, really annoyed me.  It didn’t, however, annoy me enough to go over and ask them to cease and desist.  They were really big guys, and they had sledgehammers.

7 thoughts on “Another Thursday 13 ~ Updates Galore!

  1. love your list! i adore random glimpses into someone else’s life. hmmmm wonder if that comes from not having enough life of my own? something to ponder, i guess. happy tt and thanks for stopping by at the lost world!


  2. This is an interesting and action-packed update! It even includes celebrity cookies! I love how you found the key and the important papers. I hope the dogs from your icky neighbors’ house ended up OK.


    • The dogs (two male poodles) ended up at Animal Control. I called to ask about them, and was told that they had gone to a Poodle rescue. After that, I never heard anything, even though I asked a couple of more times. I always felt bad for those dogs .. they had no socializing and we kept on a very long lead tied to a tree. One time, it was below Zero with 2 feet of snow … I tried to get the neighbors to bring them in, but they were snarling and pretty vicious. The lady said, “No Way.” “If you want them inside, take them home with you …” So sad. I just hope they ended up with new owners that took the time to train them. D.


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