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Farewell to the “C”rap of 2011


I am hopeful for a quiet, uneventful, healthy 2012, because 2011 just plain sucked. 

In February, I noticed that Cosmo spent a lot of time leaning on me and putting his head in my lap with his nose constantly sniffing at a red mark on my forearm.  He got to be a giant pest about it, to the point that in March, I looked at him and said, “OK.  For God’s sake leave me alone.”  And, I promptly made an appointment with the dermatologist.  (Seriously. I talk to both dogs all the time.)  

When I saw the dermatologist, he took one look at my arm and said, “I don’t like the look of that at all, let’s do a biopsy.”  The rest was history.  I had surgery in April, and now am the proud owner of a giant scar on my left forearm, and in August had a PET/CT scan to make sure all of the cancer was gone.  They “staged” the melanoma at 1B.  I have to see the dermatologist every three months for body checks, and will eventually see a plastic surgeon to see if the scar can be minimized.   

M.S. Update:  Some days are better than others, and with the help of modern pharmacopeia, I have more energy and less neuropathic pain.  I saw my neurologist this week, and he diagnosed me with “RLS” (Restless Leg Syndrome).  He is sure that this is why I have such problems with my legs at night.   My yearly MRI is scheduled for March, at which time I’ll flirt with Boris a bit, and hope for no new glowing spots on my spine, or God forbid in my brain.     

As a result of being a klutz, the M.S., or both, I took a couple of Flying Wallendas this year.  One time, I did it up really well and fractured my left ankle.  It was kind of surreal, one minute I was standing there, and the next minute I was flat on my face on my front lawn,.  Again, about six weeks ago, I fell and sprained my right ankle.  You know, the one with the tendonitis issues?  I used this latest mishap as an entrée into some physical therapy which does seem to be helping. 

My dogs don’t get many walks lately, and they don’t seem to mind.  I try to take them to Doggie Daycare often, and we play lots of pot holder frisbee when I get home from work.  I don’t mind them sleeping on the bed at night because they keep my feet warm.  Clover is slowing down to an energy level that I can keep up to.  Cosmo is my laid back dude whom I will never ignore again. 

Now and then, Cosmo will sniff my arm, and look at me as if to say, “You should have listened to me sooner, you dope.” And, I look at him and say “Thanks for being a pest.” 

To the “C”rap of 2011, I bid thee farewell.  To the upcoming sure-to-find-its-way-to-my-front-door Crap of 2012 .. get lost.

9 thoughts on “Farewell to the “C”rap of 2011

  1. I definitely hope that 2012 is a better one. I’m fortunate with the physical stuff — just dumb things that are annoying, not life (or lifestyle) threatening. May 2012 bring good health and happiness to all three of you!


  2. hello cosmo and clover and its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy noo yeer!!! gud job luking after yore mama this yeer keep it up!!! oh and maybe stop tripping her becuz i no thats wot happend and she is just covering for yoo!!! ok bye


  3. It sounds like 2011 was not good but fortunate for you there is modern medicine and persistent dog taking care of you.


  4. Frasier and Maggie Moo said to tell Cosmo “good job keeping your mamma healthy.” And they also said to keep it up.


  5. Isn’t it wonderful what our dogs can tell us? I used to have an Aussie that would alert about 10 seconds before my husband would have a seizure. It was very, very helpful until we were able to figure out the cause and prevent them completely.

    I understand fully about the tumbles with MS. I am often the balance point for my MIL when we are together, as she has MS too. She tells stories about how she has been accused of being drunk in public by people because she was “wobbly” due to the MS. Of course, you must understand that she is a teetotaler and has never had alcohol a day in her life!

    2010 was extremely unkind to me. 2011 was better. But, I am hoping that 2012 is wonderful for the both of us!


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