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The Vintage (Aluminum) Christmas Tree from Hell – 1964

A few words just to explain:  This picture is of me (on the left) and my younger sister at Christmas 1964, taken at my dad’s boss’ home.  Kind of a command performance, if you know what I mean.  Their house was spotless, their furniture covered in clear plastic covers, and we were only allowed in the kitchen or family room.  The echos of “don’t touch!” or “sit still and be quiet” still echo in my head.

And, the Christmas Tree?  It was white aluminum, and very pretty. There was a color light that spun around and bathed the tree changing from green to red to blue..  The hell part?  Each and every time you made the mistake of touching the damned thing, you would get an electric shock that would go straight down to your toes and make the hair on your head stick up on end. [Sit still!  Don’t Touch!]

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9 thoughts on “The Vintage (Aluminum) Christmas Tree from Hell – 1964

    • Their children were all grown and living hundreds of miles away. I hated going to their house as a kid .. it was like being in prison! Don’t move .. don’t touch … be quiet …. I am thankful that we only made two or three visits a year!!


      • LOL!!! Do you remember when the boss’ wife came to visit us with her mother?? Mom would always make tuna salad and we would have to move the TV into the living room, so her mother could watch her shows in peace!! And visiting her house during the summer was a cruel punishment. I remember it was always warm and my butt would stick to her plastic on the furniture!!!


    • Seriously! They used to string electric lights on it too which I am sure is a total no-no when it comes to electricity .. electric current …aluminum … its a wonder no one was electrocuted!


  1. My very best friend’s family had one of these, complete with the changing colored lights. My parents were from New England and believed in always buying a fir, always the scraggliest (is that a word?) tree in town, with big ugly light bulbs (they’ve worked for 20 years, so why would you buy new ones?) and the same ornaments my mom and dad had as kids. I hated it — we were soooo boring. Now, of course, those ornaments are expensive antiques. I wasn’t bright enough to keep them, but at least my brother was.


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