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Hey Harriet! A Vintage Shadow in the (Orange? Olive? Avacado?) Grove

A while ago, I had another blog where I posted vintage photos and postcards that I’ve collected.  I neglected that blog a lot when I started feeling so crappy back in 2009.  I eventually gave it up altogether.  I do, however, still have the collection of photos and cards, and I think I will post some of them here from time-to-time.

So, I have absolutely no idea who these ladies are.  The photo was taken in California around the 1950’s.  I think.  Not knowing, and making guesses is what its all about for me. 

Do you see the shadow?  Is the guy in the background (left) walking or on a bicycle?  Do you think these ladies are related?  Are they all sisters? or cousins?  What happened to them, and why did their photo end up on eBay? 

13 thoughts on “Hey Harriet! A Vintage Shadow in the (Orange? Olive? Avacado?) Grove

  1. Photos like this are great and I like how you walked us through it with questions. I think they’re at college together. And maybe earlier than the 50s. You’re right – not knowing makes it fun!


  2. I’d say that they are a combination of sisters & cousins, and that the man in the background is on a bike. They probably are gone from this world now, and the younger generation didn’t know them so doesn’t think that the picture is important. Sad. But I’m glad that you rescued them from oblivion.


  3. We will always wonder, won’t we? We love collecting…or adopting new photos from estate sales that we go to….it’s hard to imagine who would give up such great photos of their families!
    Thanks for sharing – love it!!
    Karla & Karrie


  4. that is a fabulous photo. I love every single thing about it. especially the way their heads are turned slightly and one appears to be looking off to the distance. thanks for sharing. and happy week to you.


  5. Beautiful photo, I love old photos. I think they are friends and the shade is a photographer that to win money on Sunday went to photograph a gang of youths. My parents have many pictures like this.


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