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We all need a little 1970’s Kaleidoscope In Our Lives

I took some photos on my cellphone yesterday after leaving the doctor’s office.  The trees in the parking lot were in beautiful color, and I couldn’t resist. 

I just got through playing around with the photo in Corel Paint Shop Pro (that I like much better than Photoshop Elements, by the way.) 

Here is the photo straight out of the camera (SOC).  Nothing fantastic, but pretty colors nonetheless:

Here is the same photo, cropped a bit, and processed with a Time Machine effect for the 1970’s.  I think I had a dress with this pattern/colors.  It was for a wedding.  Oh my! 

Then, I just played around and around some more, and found a fun Kaleidoscope Effect.  I love Kaleidoscopes.  Have a few, too!

 This photo was taken at Barkwells (outside Asheville, NC) a couple of years ago.  And, you guessed it, played with, changed around, converted, diverted, and, voila!  A little bit of Monet’s Giverny in North Carolina.

Sometimes, it is just plain fun to play in the leaves.


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6 thoughts on “We all need a little 1970’s Kaleidoscope In Our Lives

    • I think so! I looked on Amazon and there are versions for Mac. I bought my copy on Woot.Com for $12 about a year ago. I also have a drawing tablet that I used with this. I find the Corel programs a little easier to work through. In my opinion, PS is a little to complicated for a non-professional like me.


  1. Oh my, you got some beautiful effects with these lovely photos. I do a lot of playing with Corel but haven’t seen that Monet effect before. It’s gorgeous and so are your photographs. Thanks for sharing.


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