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1960’s Halloween with Mr. Moe

mr. moe

Wordless Wednesday



5 thoughts on “1960’s Halloween with Mr. Moe

  1. Just found your blog via PW’s blog. When I saw the header picture, I thought “That dog looks just like Claire,” my black lab mix. When I read your list of things Clover had eaten, I was sure you had my dog. Then when I read about her barking all the time, I just couldn’t believe there were two such identical dogs. I love Claire dearly but sometimes I say, “Claire, just shut the f— up for a little while.” Claire and I have another family member named Darcy. She’s a real Heinz-57 mix. She will sell her soul in a heartbeat for an ear rub. When I read your post about the endorphin/pain killing effects of ear rubs, I was delighted. Darcy has severe hip displasia and now I know all those ear rubs do make her feel better. I’m saving up money for her surgery. Should be able to have it done in a few months.

    Wish I’d been able to take my mother to Paris. I think she would have loved it. She’s been gone 5 years this October and I miss her every day. Enjoy these days/years you have left with your folks.

    Keep up the good work and lots of extra hugs to your two girls from my two girls.


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