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An Update or Two or Thirteen

1.  We were in Florida recently for a couple of weeks visiting the old folks.  When I first got there, I was shocked by my dad’s visible decline.  After a couple of weeks of me cooking and badgering him to eat-up, and some tweaking of his pain medication by the doctor, he was doing much better by the time I left.  He looked a lot better and was doing wheelies with his walker. 

2.  Mom and I ate breakfast out five or six times while I was there, and we can tell you exactly who makes the best pancakes, or the worst coffee in town.  And, we are both experts at dribbling egg yolks down the front of our shirts.  Like mother, like daughter.

3.  The drive from Virginia to Florida and back again seems to get longer and more tiresome each time I make it.  I used to really enjoy a roadtrip, but not so much anymore. I sure would appreciate it if someone would invent a teleportation device soon.

4.  We ate lunch out one day at a new place in town.  My mom loves artichoke and spinach dip, so we ordered it up.  Do you suppose these things glow in the dark?


5.  My dad asked me to leave Cosmo behind for a few months.  I told him it was a package deal .. Clover & Cosmo. Can’t have one without the other.  Dad said “forget it … as much as I like that dog … her barking is driving me crazy.”  Ha!  Welcome to my world!

6.  Since we’ve been back in Virginia, the weather has been pretty nice, and I’ve had the windows open during the day to air out the house.  I may have to rethink this, at least until the big apple tree on the property next door quits dropping apple bombs on top of the neighbor’s house, car, and utility shed.  Apple bombs are noisy.  Apple bombs make Clover bark.  A lot.

6.  I’ve been feeling kind of “punky” lately.  Not sure why, just do.  My mom used this term for all manor of maladies.  Headache?  Cold?  Flu?  Ingrown toe nail?  Punky you are. 

7.  My PET/CT came back negative.  This is very good.  The melanoma was “staged” as 1B.  I have to continue to see the dermatologist every three months for body checks.  So far, so good.  Being naked in front of a really hunky doctor with a magnifying glass? Not so much.

8.  The scar on my arm is ugly, and I’ve developed a keloid.  My doctor told me that it was unusual for caucasians to develop keloids.  I just laughed, and said “Well, Doc, ya just never know, do you?”  He really doesn’t get my humor at all.   It now looks like I’ll have another surgery … to remove the keloid. 

9.  I have been home for almost three weeks and I still haven’t unpacked from my trip.  Whenever I need clean underwear, I go dig around in the suitcase.  I figure I have enough clean stuff in the suitcase to last me another week or so. 

10.  There are two Friends of Library sales this weekend.  I called to let my mom know, and she said yelled at me on the phone, “No!  No!  No more books!  For God’s sake, just stay home.” 

11.  Last time I went to the library book sale, I bought about about 800 paperbacks for the princely sum of $22.  Oh, yeah!  I’m going to the libraries on Friday.

12.  I am a huge fan of Sons of Anarchy on FX Channel.  Poor Juice.  I hope the tree branch breaks, and someone finds him before he croaks.

13.  Cosmo turns 6-years-old this November.  I am not sure which day, so I chose November 3rd, because that was my nephew’s birthday.  I plan to make him something good to eat for his birthday.  Probably liver.

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14 thoughts on “An Update or Two or Thirteen

  1. LOL at barking dogs. Yesterday, outside of my apt door was a construction crew. They are replacing all of the balconies above me. Of course, my diva dog Chachi started to bark at the door every time they hammered on something. Ugh! She just didn’t get it… so I parked her little butt on top of my TV unit so she could see them out the window. It worked! lol
    Happy T13!


  2. Odd, Your other nephew Andrew also had a keloid on his arm. When he went to the Dr (back during pre-screening for Coast Guard) he came home and told me about it, and has a sense of humor like yours!! LOL. And I am sure Jason likes/loves the thought of Cosmo’s birthday on his. Since its such a “punky” day I think I will make Cosmo a cake too, and eat it for him, except mine won’t be liver. :) XO E


  3. Hey — about the keloid scar: I have at least four and my ENTIRE family, going back a bazillion generations, is English. All that about caucasians not getting keloids? Bushwah …

    Hope you’re doing well and the MS is not messing with you, as you go through the stress of the melanoma. Good grief …


  4. So happy that your melanoma is under control. I had a cancer scare recently so I feel a particular kinship with you. And, for what it’s worth, my older sister has a keloid condition. Being the older one, she turned it around and said that fact that her scars reacted that way and mine didn’t CONFIRMED that I’m adopted. She was just teasing me (if my mom is to be believed).


  5. Goodness, sorry to hear about the melanoma but glad to hear it seems to be under control. Also glad to hear of your dad’s improvement during your visit. Hope he’ll cooperate with your mom to keep it up after you’re gone.

    Happy Barkday, Cosmo!

    Jed & Abby


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