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Camera Critters sur un Marché Français

Louvre Museum Paris

A few years ago, I was living in West Africa — I couldn’t convince my mom to visit me in there, but I did convince her that a trip to meet me in Paris for two weeks was in her best interest.  We stayed at a small hotel in the 6th Arrondisment near the Jardin de Luxembourg.  We walked everywhere in the cold and rain, made the rounds of all of the museums and tourist sites; churches and gardens; went up and down the Seine on a boat, ate yummy food, and we were on-hand on the third Thursday of November when “Le Beaujolais Nouveau Est Arrive!” 

Every once and a while, my mom will say something like, “Remember our trip to Paris? … Remember how much wine we drank?  Remember those yummy chocolate crepes and the roasted chestnuts that we bought on the street?  Remember the dinner at Maison du Jardin?  Remember that really cute guy? Wasn’t it a hoot when he put his elbow in his soup?  Remember the crappy Thanksgiving dinner we had at Chili’s … who knew you could get turkey tacos?  Remember that crazy market with that giant white dog? and all of those birds?  I was so tempted to open the cages and let the birds out!” 

Well, I finally found some of the photos from that trip.  They’re not in the greatest condition, but they are wonderful reminders of a great trip with my mom to Paris.  And, the dog was really big, and friendly, too.

(click on the photo below for a larger view.)

Camera Critters


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  1. You can tell I’m a sicok dog lover. Paris — yeah, nice. Wow! Look at the Great Pyrenees dog! At one point, I had four of them — sigh … I’d do it again, but would have to find a good home for my husband.


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