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Shadow Shot Sunday ~ An Old Irish Church Shadow

Round Tower @ Glendalough Monastic Ruins

I took these photos in 1981 when my mother and I visited Ireland.  It was my second visit, and mom’s first.  We had a wonderful time driving around Ireland like idiot American tourists.  We visited relatives, shopped for tchotchkes, ate some bad food, drank some great beer, and even got caught up in a riot in Dublin after Bobby Sands died in prison in Northern Ireland. 

All of the relatives wanted to know what we thought about “the Troubles,” and we wanted to know where to buy Aran sweaters on the cheap.  Ok.  We weren’t all that clueless, but one of mom’s younger cousins, who was a card-carrying communist, was barely civil when we claimed ignorance.  What she didn’t know was mom told me to keep my mouth shut and leave the religion and politics at the door–I think she was afraid I would say something to upset the relatives. 

The day after the riot incident, we visited Glendalough in Wicklow.  All these many years later, I’ve lost track of how many times I havew traipsed around the monastic ruins in the Wicklow mountains.  I went the first time with my Great Uncle Turlough in 1976, later with my mom in 1981, and many more times during the times I lived in Dublin.  I took my mom and dad there when they visited me, Clover took her first swim in the lake at Glendalough.  

This photo was originally a slide, converted to a print, scanned in by me, and fixed up in Photoshop.  If you’re ever in Ireland, I highly recommend a day or more at Glendalough.  There is something very special about this place.   And, the Woolen Mill in Laragh which is right around the corner (more or less) has wonderful sweaters.

I wanted to add that this isn’t a sepia tinted photo, but the real color and light of the day.  The only manipulating I did in PS was to apply a dust/scratch filter.

25 thoughts on “Shadow Shot Sunday ~ An Old Irish Church Shadow

  1. Wonderful shot for this meme ! I so enjoyed our time (4 years) spent in the Netherlands touring old castles etc .. in surrounding countires .. you certainly get a different perspective when you are taken out of North America .. as many people possible should have a taste of it to broaden their “horizons” aka views of the world.
    I can understand why your mum said leave politics and religion at the door .. people who live there are too entrenched in biased views and their is no changing them or even chatting about other views .. safer for you not to get involved !!
    Great tour and thanks for dropping by my blog : )


  2. This is beautiful. I love churches, cathedrals, castles and the like. Very often they are just as beautiful (and more mysterious) as ruins.


  3. How wonderful to have been able to visit this wonderful place over and over.
    I’m waiting for the shadow to pass over the arch in the the sepia shot. :)
    Lovely capture!


  4. Awesome pictures….love the first b&w with the headstones that are placed here & there – then that sepia one of the door…just as wonderful :) we’d love to travel to Ireland one day…although we’d like to avoid riots if we could (but how exciting!!)
    Enjoy your day!


  5. Reminds me of–“Come on in-the Worships Fine”! Very inviting–excellent shot! And the oreo shot! That was just plain UNFAIR–I Love Oreos and a that Sweet shot!

    Great stuff,




  6. Did you guys survive the earthquake and the hurricane and all the flooding? It’s been ages since you posted; are you all ok?

    Mama has some self-sepia photos, too, but it’s not the light so much as the extreme age of the photos :)

    Jed & Abby


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