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An Earthquake and a Hurricane All In One Week. What’s next, plague and pestilence?

Me:  HEY! Dad! We just had an earthquake! 

Dad:  Huh? What?

Me:  You heard me, we had an earthquake!  The whole house was shaking! The sound was horrible. 

Dad:  Huh?  A What?

Me:  AN EARTHQUAKE for God’s sake!  At first, I thought a plane was crashing on top of me!  I thought it was the end of the world! 

Dad: What?  An earthquake?

Me:  DAD! For God’s sake.  Turn on Fox News!  It’s all over the news, too.

Dad:  What?  Wait a minute.

Me:  [Waiting, and waiting] Dad! Is it on the news yet?

Dad:  WOW!  You had an earthquake! It says it was 6.0 on the scale.  That’s big!  Did you feel it at your house?

Me:  DAD!  The whole house shook!  At first I thought it was a plane crash or something.

Dad:  Wow!  Isn’t that something, an earthquake.  Are the dogs ok?

Me:  THE DOGS!  Dad, they are both sitting on top of me. I can’t get off the recliner.  Cosmo is on top of my lap shaking like a leaf, and Clover is trying to climb on top of me too.  I couldn’t evacuate to a safe place even if I tried.

Dad:  I’m glad they’re ok. 

Me:  Yeah, Dad! They’re ok, but I’m having a nervous breakdown here.

Dad:  Fox News says that the center was only about 70 miles away from D.C.  All I can say is it’s about time something shook those politicians up, the bunch of bureaucrats!

Me:  Dad.  I’m a bureaucrat.

Dad:  Huh?  Hug Clover and Cosmo.  I’ll tell your mother to call you.  I want to hear about the earthquake on Fox.   Love you.