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Another Thing You Need to Know About Cosmo



 Really likes


Blue Bunny® Butter Pecan Ice Cream Packaging

(But, then again, who doesn’t?)

I let him lick the last of ice cream in the bottom of the carton the other night, and he went to town on it!  I had a heck of a time getting the carton away from him, and chased him around the living room for a couple of minutes, ice cream dripping everywhere, before Clover tripped him up.  She grabbed the container away from him, and actually listened to me when I asked her to bring it to me, and give it up! 




12 thoughts on “Another Thing You Need to Know About Cosmo

  1. Oh yeah, my furkids LOVE ice cream. Hubs will give the almost empty container to Tag, and he’ll spend hours scooting it around and licking it. By the time he’s done, you’d never know it even had ice cream in it! Hubs and Tag’s fave is Blue Bunny Vanilla!


  2. Tulip carefully takes the container to her bed and licks it clean — except for the black labbie hairs that stick to the container. Almost her favorite food … and she couldn’t care less what flavor it is.


    • I wish they had!! I was watching tv, one on the floor, the other on the other chair. Their level of freak out equaled mine, and then the next thing I knew, Coz was on my lap and Clover was trying to join him. No problems, thank goodness. Did you feel it, too?

      Not an experience that I want to repeat any time soon!


      • Nothing here in Tennessee! I’ve felt them in St. Louis, Dayton OH and Philadelphia, but never in California — have a wheelchair-bound friend in Crystal City who said it was exciting there. She’s only on the third floor, but it would be quite a production getting her outside.


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