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Just What I Need – Peach Daiquiri Thriller

Uncle Gary’s Peach Daiquiri Thriller

In a blender mix:

4 or 5 White Peach Halves Pared
1 tablespoon lime juice
10 glub, blub’s Karo light syrup at room temperature
1/2 cup light rum

Serve unstrained in old-fashioned glass.

Comments: This is a wonderful drink summer-time drink. I would, however, drink it all year round if peaches were in season 24/7 x 12.  I used Bacardi Rum – because in my house we only drink Bacardi. I couldn’t find my blender, so I smashed the ice cubes and ran the peaches through a sieve then put everything into a cocktail shaker.


Will full credit to the author and publisher:

The Passion for Peaches Cookbook
compiled and edited by Gail McPherson
2nd Printing – March 1977


4 thoughts on “Just What I Need – Peach Daiquiri Thriller

  1. That actually sounds pretty good!

    Did you find a way to keep Clover off the AC vent in the bedroom? Jed lies on the floor vent in the kitchen, but luckily he doesn’t like the location of the one in the bedroom, so he lies in the doorway between the bedroom and the bathroom, near the bathroom floor vent. At least he’s not cutting off the AC in the bedroom. Have you tried one of those plastic scoop things that sticks up from the floor and directs the air flow away from the wall and into the room? That might blow cold air on her without her having to lie on the vent, so more of the air should circulate in the bedroom.

    Jed & Abby


  2. We have a couple of the plastic things that direct the air from the vent. Frasier lays in front of the vent, since the air is now directed at him, and as a result he still blocks it but not as bad as Clover must have done.

    The drink sounds pretty good.


    • The drink is yummy!

      I moved a chair in the bedroom, and it seems to have done the trick, as she is not lying on the vent. I also am using a small floor fan in the bedroom and blowing it on her “usual” sleeping spot, so she is cool enough. I will definitely be glad when this heat wave is done.


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