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Mindless Miscellaneous Thursday Thirteen

1. I’m taking Friday off from work and I’m thinking about going to the casino. I have $150 birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, and I am due some good luck.

2. I am seriously thinking about car shopping on Saturday. If I do, I am not taking the title of my current vehicle with me so I won’t make some sort of big stupid (Ford) mistake.

3. My dad said that he’s feeling good and eating “much better.” I asked him what “much better” tasted like, and he laughed. My dad has a great laugh.

4. Last week, the doctor gave me a prescription for Xanax. I have taken one, and one only. I do not intend to ever take another one if I can help it. I feel fuzzy enough as it is without any help from modern pharmacopeia.

5. Cosmo is shedding so bad right now that I could knit another dog from all the hair he has lost.

6. Clover is not shedding at the moment, and I am not sure why.  Not that I’m complaining or anything, because Cosmo is taking up the slack in this department.

7. I took Clover and Cosmo to the vet a couple of weeks ago so they could get their teeth cleaned — along with some vaccines, it cost me over $1,000.

8. My dentist charges me $65 for an office visit, and a cleaning is way less than $1000.

9. I have asked my dentist if he would do the dogs’ teeth next time. He laughed at me. He thought I was kidding. I wasn’t.

10. The A/C guy was at the house the other day, he mentioned a couple of maintenance things that he thought I should do around the outside of the house. I laughed at him. I told him I had a “honey do” list but no “honey” and that I actually have to pay people to do work around my house. Shut him right up.

11.   Blah blah blah blah.

12.  Blah blah blah blah.

13.  Feeling really stupid here because I can’t think of 13 things to share today.


6 thoughts on “Mindless Miscellaneous Thursday Thirteen

  1. Did you make it to the casino? Buy a winning lottery ticket? Buy a new car?

    If your dentistry had to be done under general anesthesia, it would cost way more than $500 per person. And you can tell the doctor where it hurts. You can sweat when you’re hot, not just pant and blow coat. So as much as we love our dogs, we probably wouldn’t trade places with them.

    Jed & Abby


    • I didn’t go to the casino. And, the first time in the history of my car shopping escapades, it was the first time that I ever went out, shopped, drove, talked, etc., and didn’t buy anything.


  2. Took Tulip to the vet to have her teeth cleaned — she (the vet) said, “Oh, they’re OK — she doesn’t really need a cleaning.” Hurray! We were both happy. You need to move here to east TN. Cleaning, including anesthetic, costs about $200. Last time, they threw in a shearing job on my Pyrenees dog, because they said she needed it. (With my permission, of course.)


    • I have been brushing their teeth regularly since this last visit to the vet and their breath is sweet! I don’t mind spending the money on them, really. Its just painful sometimes.


  3. Happy belated birthday! We liked you guys on facebook. I can never think of stuff either! Maybe we should start taking our dogs to humans dentists….. :)


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