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Cosmo makes a mess when he drinks, with water flying everywhere.  He is loud, too.  If he gets up to drink in the middle of the night, it will you wake you up!

Clover is very quiet, neat, and lady-like when she takes a drink.

She doesn’t have to wipe her wet mouth on my couch when she’s done either.


3 thoughts on “Slurp

  1. My Dane seems to squirrel away water in her jowls just to dribble it all over the floor elsewhere in the house. My Aussies are neat and tidy drinkers, even if one could consume the Nile River and still be thirsty!


  2. That is such a neat illustration of how dogs create a column of water to drink. Mama used to have some noisy Dane drinkers, too; perhaps related to the size of the jowls? Jed and Abby are pretty neat and quiet drinkers.

    Jed & Abby


  3. That is the most bizarre video I’ve seen in a long time! Action xrays… huh! Thanks for sharing. It was interesting :)

    Waggin at ya,


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