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I have too many “ologists” in my life

I took count last week, and decided I have way too many “ologists” in my life.  Seriously.  I would like to figure out how to get rid of a few, but am at a loss. 

Neurologist:  I’m glad I like him, because I have a feeling (haha! get it? get it?) he’s going to be my doctor for a long time to come.  Whenever I see him, we go through my list of M.S.-related issues, to which he usually shakes his head and tells me that “I’m special.”  Sometimes, I wish I wasn’t special at all.

Neuro-Opthomologist:  I only see him (haha! I did it again!)  once-a-year for a check-up.  No biggie — 20/20 eyesight has been in the rearview mirror for years.   Getting my eyes dilated is one of the least innocuous procedures I’ve had in the last few years. 

Radiologist:  I have seen this guy for x-rays (foot and chest); and for other “stuf” related to the gynocologist. Last week when I was there, he explained to me a few things that I wish the gynocologist would have taken the time to do.  The fact that he has the same name as my neurolgoist is weird, and confusing to the insurance people, too.

Gynocologist:  All women need one from time-to-time.  I, however, wish I was done with mine.  She’s been voted one of the best in the area for years. My neurologist recommended her, she’s his wife’s doctor.  She doesn’t, however, read all of the test results fully because she sent me to a urologist recently when I didn’t need to see one.  At all.  She keeps talking to me about a procedure that I’m not sure I need.  The fact that she sent me on a freaking-wild-goose-chase has me re-thinking this relationship. 

Urologist:  What a nice guy!  He didn’t charge me for my appointment, called the gynocologist and sorted out the mistake, and is now on my list of “ologists” in case I ever need one.  Which I hope is never.

Dermatologist:  Another good guy.  I saw him for a couple of “spots” a few months ago, to which he responded with “Hmmm.  I don’t like the look of that spot at all, I think I’ll do a biopsy.”  He has a good eye for spots.  He also worked with my insurance to find  the right surgeon and 0ncologist. 

Oncologist:  Seeing him the end of the month as a follow-up to surgery for removing a malignant melanoma spot, and a big chunk of my left forearm. 

No offense to the “ologists” out there, but I’m kind of done with ya’ll for a while.  Take a vacation, will you?


3 thoughts on “I have too many “ologists” in my life

  1. Yep, the older you get, the more OLDOLOGISTS you see. I’ve moved and am looking for a new gyn — I really hate that stuff, especially since you now have to see the PA and THEN go back to see a real doctor if there are any issues. Luckily, most of the other ologists think I’m boring, so they’ve put me on long term return scheduled.

    Good luck on that melanoma removal! That’s probably one of my biggest fears. I spend entirely too much time outdoors.


  2. Yikes! Sorry to read about the melanoma. Sounds like there’s no chemo or radiation required, which is hopeful. What about the ologist who does the periodic colonoscopies? Can’t skip that one, distasteful as it is.

    Jed & Abby


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