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American Pickers Meets Storage Wars Meets Me Yard Sale

I was out this morning at 9:00 a.m. with a plan to shop three church rummage sales, and ended up at four church sales.  I also stopped at the farmer’s market and picked up some strawberries and home-made foccacia.  Nothing of great note to report on, a nice Fitz & Floyd soap dish (25 cents), some vintage Ball jars (10 cents each), an odd tourist plate commemorating Bastille Day ($1), and a pretty stainless steel creamer and covered sugar bowl.  Nothing of great note, but it was fun to get out and enjoy such a nice day. 

At one sale, a woman was selling racks of clothing in the perfect size for my friend Marcy.  I gave a quick look, and focussed on this lovely coat in a coral color.  It was in a dry cleaner’s plastic bag, and had been cleaned recently.  The woman asked me if I was interested for $10.  I told her that for $10, I would need to call my friend to see if she was interested, but she was walking in the Komen Walk for the Cure this morning, so I couldn’t get in touch with her.  The woman looked at me, and said “God bless your friend, and you for thinking of her.  Please take the coat for free and give it to her. Tell her I said think you, and God Bless.” 

I come across interesting people all the time at yard sales and such.  In some situations, I have even paid more than what a person was asking because I didn’t want to be struck by lightning for taking advantage of someone.  This time, I was very gracious, told the lady thank you, and told her my friend would love the coat.  She smiled, gave me a hug, and blessed me again. 

I headed home when I saw a sign that just said “HUGE Yard Sale” with an arrow.  One more stop couldn’t hurt, right?  When I arrived at the house, there was a guy directing people to park in the field, and he said, “Just walk across the front yard, the stuff is in the other side yard.  There’s lots to see.”  Hmm.  Ok.  I have to say from the parking area, it didn’t look like much. 

ys 1

All I can say is, Oh. My. Goodness.


And, again, Oh. My. Gosh!


I couldn’t wait to ask the guy running the sale the story behind all this crap.  Mind you, some of it may have been great stuff, but I wasn’t about to spend the next 10 years going through everything to find out.  I did find a brand new set of Wolfgang Puck Spago Mixing Bowls (stainless steel with no skid bottoms and plastic lids) that I hoped he would sell for cheap.  I’m pretty sure I saw this set on HSN or Amazon for about $100, but I only had 5$ in my pocket. 

While I waited to pay, the seller was talking to the couple in front of me, while I eavesdropped, I looked down and saw this bag of heads:

bag of heads

Turns out the seller is a picker just like Frank and Mike of American Pickers fame.  He buys leftovers from yard sales, and buys storage units at auction.  He buys all year long, picking other pickers, he sorts through the stuff to pull out the most valuable items, and then stores up the “crap” and has a mega-yard-sale twice a year. 

I convinced him to take my last $5, and he convinced me to sign up on his e-mail list so I can plan to attend his next sale in October. 

Oh, yeah.  October.  Sign me up!  But, I’m going on day one when things aren’t so darn messy.

4 thoughts on “American Pickers Meets Storage Wars Meets Me Yard Sale

  1. Good grief! That is a HUGE yard sale! Mom says she’d feel a bit overwhelmed too. But what fun to rummage! :D

    Waggin at ya,


  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the visit. That looked like the biggest yard sale I have ever seen, WOW!
    Hi to coco and monkey hehe! I meant to say Cosmo and Clover. We have a cat named Kosmo.


  3. If you’d found that yard sale first, you probably wouldn’t have made it to any of the others and would have missed out on the gifted coat for your friend. So it worked out for the best. Maybe the Master Picker has multi-day sales and you can get in the first day in Oct. Won’t be as hot then, either.

    Jed & Abby


  4. Come on down here to east TN! We have huge yard sales in a big vacant parking lot every Saturday — and have you heard of the huge yard sale on Rt. 127 that starts in Kentucky and ends in Alabama?


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