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Meet Coco and Monkey

We were finishing up at work last night, and chatting with one of the cleaning ladies, catching up on some gossip. Rosalee, turned to ask me “How’s Coco and Monkey doing?”  I must have had a blank look on my face, when she said “Your babies, how are they doing?” 

Between belly laughs and un-ladylike guffaws, I told her Coco and Monkey were doing just fine.

coco and monkey


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6 thoughts on “Meet Coco and Monkey

  1. Close enough. I have found that labradogs are quite indiscriminate when it comes to sucking up to the humans and you can call them just about anything.



  2. Tulip is a therapy dog at the public library (which means she sleeps in the middle of the floor until a patron comes over to see her). Many of our patrons are (1) young and can’t say “Tulip” or (2) old and can’t hear “Tulip”. She does NOT care — pat her on the head or scratch her belly and she’ll follow you anywhere. One old man calls her “Troop” and is her buddy.


  3. At least your co-worker remembered you have dogs, and even asked about them. So 5 points for caring, and minus 1 point for getting the names wrong. Coco is ridiculous even for a stylin’ Lab, but Monkey isn’t a bad nickname for an energetic dog who is full of amusing tricks.

    Jed & Abby


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