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Thursday Thirteen by the Better Half of Two Barking Dogs

Thursday Thirteen by Cosmo the Laid Back Labrador

(1/2 of Two Barking Dogs)

1)     I like to snuggle.

2)     I would like to snuggle with Clover, but she’s won’t have it. 

3)     When we visit the old folks in Florida, I like to snuggle with Misty, aka: The Hairy Beast.

4)     I like to help clean out the refrigerator dispatching small pieces of leftover cheese.

5)     Hmmmmm.  Cheeeeeeese. 

 6)     I like to run!  Running is the most fun a dog can have in my opinion!

 7)     I don’t really like to swim very much, mostly because Clover is a much better swimmer.  I hate it when the other dogs laugh at me. 

 8)     One time, I got stuck in the mud at the lake in North Carolina, and “your woman” had to wade in and get me unstuck.  Then “your woman” got stuck in the mud, too.  I finally got my feet unstuck and then I fell back into the mud and I was lying on my back with my feet sticking straight up toward the sky, and “your woman” was laughing so hard she fell on her fat ass and IT got stuck in the mud.  It took us a while, but we both finally got unstuck.  I don’t like mud all that much. 

9)     I think Clover pushed me into the mud. 

10)     Last Saturday, Clover had to go the vet, so I got to go to doggie daycare by myself.  I had a great time, and I made friends with a pretty little gal by the name of Miss Lucy.  She likes to snuggle! 

11)      I don’t like bugs that fly.  For some reason, they just freak me out.  Flies, bumble bees, wasps, gnats, lightning bugs, moths — they all give me the creeps — kind of like my friend Dennis’ reaction to the parakeet that flew into his yard out in Sandy Eggo.

12)     I really hate spinach.  It doesn’t matter how “your woman” tries to disguise it, I hate it.  You could put cheese on spinach and I would hate it.  Seriously, its the most horrible food in the world and I will spit it at you if you tried to trick me.

13)     Pffffft.  Take that you sneaky spinach.  Blekkkk.

9 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen by the Better Half of Two Barking Dogs

    • So can I. When Cosmo fell back into the mud onto his back, he just looked at me with this “Well, that’s a fine pickle you’ve gotten us into …” sort of look. He didn’t squirm around or try to get out of the mud, he just waited for me to get him unstuck.


  1. Oh Cosmo, you are more spoiled than you realize! Our peoples might have left us in the mud, especially today after they got mad at us for digging in the yard. But we found a mole hole and almost had the furry menace! But the peoples didn’t appreciate our efforts, they made us come inside and said we can’t play outside anymore today. But we do like to eat lettuce! Maggie & Frasier in Oklahoma.


  2. From Tulip: I like — to sleep — to be patted — to eat. Mom says I’ll eat anything except onions and citrus peel, but she’s glad I’m only interested in eating food. No furniture for me! My favorite thing is to get my dad to feed me string cheese.


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