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59 Years and Still Going Strong (most of the time …)

These photos were taken at my mom’s wedding shower March 1952.  On the left, coming through the door is my mother, hiding to her right is her older sister Pat and sitting down is my dad’s mother Helen, and his sister Mary Ellen.  Bringing up the rear behind my mom, you can catch a glimpse of my dad as he steps up in the door.  The photo on the right is my mom in the middle, and on her right is her mother, and on her left is my dad’s mother. 

1952 - mom - wedding shower with grandmas



Taken on the THE day outside of the hall where the reception was held.  My mom and dad, with his sister Mary Ellen, and in the background my mom’s parents:

1952 Wedding Mom Dad

Straight from the 1960’s after Easter dinner at friend’s home.  (Wouldn’t I love to have that MCM lamp now!!) 

1960's Hanging Out with Friends (Easter)

 I took this photo when I was home last year.  I’ve always been amazed at my parents’ ability to color coordinate their clothing without even noticing it!  It has become a family tradition, one I love to point out to them.  They think its funny, and I think its very endearing. 





I talked with my mom last night, and asked her how they were going to celebrate today, her response was not very enthusiastic, just kind of tired.  My dad turns 84 and mom 80 this May.  My dad’s health has been declining for a few years, and my mom struggles to keep up with everything.  I think she’d just like to take a nap, and maybe get a foot rub from my dad. 

I suggested that they celebrate with a “Naked Anniversary Day Celebration,” to which my told me, “That boat sailed a long time ago.”  She did laugh though when she started thinking about the concept.  She didn’t think my dad would be on board, especially if he had to take off his depends.  (Sorry, dad!)


We all remember this day with some sadness in our family as this is the anniversary of my nephew Jason’s death. He passed away six years ago at the age of 26. We all miss him a lot. Jason’s passing has really affected us all, but especially my parents. My mom hates to celebrate today, but she gives it a try and will make dad something special for dinner, and he’ll run out to the store for some carnations.



Jasons Flowers Have Taken Over the Neighborhood


 ( Coming next: “How Cosmo Saved My Life”  Seriously.)

4 thoughts on “59 Years and Still Going Strong (most of the time …)

  1. I’m sorry about your nephew, I know that must be so hard. But please wish your parents a Happy Anniversary for me. I love the picture of the two of them, the color coordinated picture. It’s just so sweet!


    • Thanks! My mom doesn’t even get annoyed with me anymore when I tell her that I wrote about her on the blog. She just reminds me that she doesn’t have a computer anymore (hint hint).


  2. sorry about your nephew. I know about your feeling but even u can´t forget him, God can give you peace and the time will help you to live without…
    I read your blog everyday. I follow you since the day you visited me…it´s a long time ago…
    nice day


  3. I lost my parents 9 years ago (can it be NINE years??) and think about how they lived together, especially in their last years. I could have written a blog about them, but they both had computers and would have sent out an assassin.


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