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Shenandoah and Shirley Temple

I have had a couple of good conversations with my mom lately, and she always makes me laugh at least once a call.  Yesterday, she called me at work:

Mom:  Hi.  What are you doing?

Me:  I’m at work, remember? But we’re not really all that busy tonight.

Mom:  Your father wanted me to call you.  We just got finished watching your favorite movie.

Me:  Shenandoah? with Jimmy Stewart?

Mom:  Yep.  Your dad was crying at the end of the movie just like always.  When they were running the credits, he said “The only thing missing is our daughter.  She loves this movie. Call her, and tell her that.”

Mom:  You have to love your dad, he’s such a softie. 

Me:  Yep.  He is that.  Just don’t let him watch Shirley Temple in The Little Princess.  He’ll be inconsolable. 

Mom:  Ok.  What are you doing?

Me:  I’m at work, remember?

Mom:  Ok.  Take care of your foot.  I’ll call you tomorrow.

The reference to my foot.  Oye!  I headed out to run some errands a week ago Friday, and fell flat on my face.  One minute I was standing there, the next thing I knew I was flat on my face on my little lawn wondering if I should buy one of those “Help Me I Can’t Get Up Button Things” to wear around my neck.  I thought I twisted my ankle, but actually fractured my fibula and chipped a bone in my ankle.  I’m hobbling about in a walking cast, and am pretty impressed with the amazing rainbow of colors on my foot and ankle. 

And, on that closing note, I’m sharing an old postcard from my collection.  Today, its e-mails and cellphones, facebook and blogs, and hardly ever a postcard unless you’re travelling to some far-flung location. 

April 27, 1909

Mrs. Bertha Dicus
Alanson, Mich

Dear cousin We are all pretty well
hope you are  I have been very
buzy the last few weeks that I
almost fogot to write  the baby
is pretty good again when
I write you a letter I will
send you a piece of my Jacket
I was down town last Sat. and
bought it  Maw was coming out
hear last week but did not wish
I could come and see you folks
Abe is working for the creamery
this summer  Will close  Visit soon


2 thoughts on “Shenandoah and Shirley Temple

  1. So sorry to hear about your foot! I’ve a damaged foot right now as well. I was stepped on by my horse, who is usually so careful around me. Unfortunately, he clipped part of my ankle. I’m only just now able to get a shoe on with a little discomfort as I couldn’t wear a shoe on that foot all week. My foot is all sorts of interesting shades as well. I guess we’re a bit decked out for Easter together, you and I! Hope you heal soon!


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