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Weird Foods – Tomato Candy

A trip through the Asian grocery store last week had me snapping a few new photos. 

Anyone up for some Tomato Candy? 

I cannot imagine why anyone would think this is a good flavor, and I admit that I did not purchase these candies.   I just couldn’t do it.  The idea of tomato flavored candy just doesn’t do anything for me at all.  

What’s next raddish flavored jelly beans? or cauliflower flavored licorice sticks?  




6 thoughts on “Weird Foods – Tomato Candy

  1. Naw, you’ll just encourage them. Guess you could send Mango Momma a bag with her Major Award for winning the Clover Caption Contest, though. Then SHE can taste them.

    Jed & Abby


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  3. As bizarre as it sounds, I’m looking for these. Can you share where you found them? I want to do a self-promotional piece for my company and use them.


    • I found them at an Asian grocery stored called “Hanaro” here in Northern Virginia.

      If you have an asian grocery, give them a try. I looked online and couldn’t find anyone selling this particular flavor.


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