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Cosmo – You Have It All Wrong!

  • Fetch (game), a game played between a human and a pet in which the human throws an object for the pet to retrieve


    Cosmo does not play fetch very well.  He would rather have someone throw an item (potholder, ball, stick, toy, etc.) and have Clover go get it, so he can pounce on her and play keep away.


    gimme that


    Today, we played potholder Frisbee in the living room for about 30 minutes.  Here is how it worked.  I threw the potholder across the living room into the dining room.  Cosmo sat and waited.  Clover chased into the dining room, grabbed the potholder, and headed straight for me.  Cosmo pounced on her, grabbed the potholder, and ran around the house like a crazy dog with a major case of “the zooms.”

     After about 30 minutes, Clover had enough of Cosmo’s antics, and she jumped up on the couch next to me.  I wrestled the potholder away from Cosmo, threw it for him, he retrieved it, and brought it back and dropped in front of Clover.  I reached over, picked it up, threw it again.  Again, he brought it back and this time, he shoved in Clover’s face.  I reached over, took it, threw it, and again, he brought it back to Clover.

     I’m not sure how to fix this, but until Clover grows some opposable thumbs and takes it upon herself to toss the Frisbee back at Cosmo, he better get with the program.

    I’m tired of playing second fiddle.

    2 thoughts on “Cosmo – You Have It All Wrong!

    1. Good morning! In spite of her lab background, Tulip has never gotten with the retrieve program AT ALL. She’ll retrieve twice (as long as it’s not too far away or inconveniently placed), but after your third throw, she looks at you and says, “I’m sorry, but if you can’t hold on to that thing, it’s not my problem.” I wonder what she’d think of Cosmo?


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