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Caption This Clover Photo Contest ~~ Wattles?

I have come up with a bunch of different captions for this photo, like:

“Yes, may I helllllp youuuu?”


“Do I got any boogers ?? “

Anyone care to add a caption of their own?

If so, leave it in the comments section, and I will pick the best caption by Friday, April 1,

and post the winner here on Saturday, April 2nd.

There will be a prize.  Most likely a gift card to PetSmart.  For $25 or so. 

For more details, check back after Clover and I have had some more coffee. 

A whole lot more coffee.

looking at you



Thanks for the great captions, but I think that Mango’s comment about Clover’s wattles, wins the day for me.  It made me laugh the hardest! Especially, since she really does have some wattles going on there!


17 thoughts on “Caption This Clover Photo Contest ~~ Wattles?

  1. “What are you eating this time? Without me?” Looks much like Tulip, except that Tulip would be drooling.

    And what is Quiet Spot (the tag hanging from her collar)?


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