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St. Patrick’s Day Black Labradors

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Cosmo:  Seriously?  You want us to put those things where?  Really?  You better have a pocket full of treats if this is going to work.

Me:  Trust me.  You’re going to look just fine.



Clover: Do you think these things are edible?

Cosmo:  I’m not sure.  You go first and let me know, ok?



Clover:  I am thinking evil thoughts. Let’s go find her favorite shoes, you pee in one, and I’ll chew up the other one.

Cosmo:  She has treats. 

Clover:  I don’t care.  This is just humiliating.



Cosmo:  Please, can I have my treats now? 

Me:  What happened to Clover, where did she go?

Cosmo:  Last I saw, she was hiding in the closet with your favorite boots. 


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13 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Black Labradors

  1. Your dogs are very cute!

    I wanted to respond to your comment, but there’s no email attached to your account or on here. The photo I chose it from a google image search for “old lady” because I thought it represented the unpleasant portrait painted of the woman by everyone on the outside before I met her and discovered she was actually a sweet little lady. And my great grandmother, she is not a phone person at all. We occasionally write letters. I usually more than her. :)


  2. Poor Cosmo! I have a German Shep Mix & a Scottie and they have much the same feel about costumes…. they tolerate it but gripe that it is beneath their dignity…LOL Fun Post..Thanks!


  3. so cute!!!! I’m glad that Copaxone is working for you…it was not enough for me, I was on it for two weeks when the kicked me up to Tysabri…but that didn’t work out so well either. It will all be ok. Viewing fun photos and hanging out with my beloveds always lifts me up!!!


  4. At least she didn’t get you a couple of leprechaun costumes to hang around your necks. Next up: Easter! Bunny ears, anyone? Didn’t you do that last year? Maybe she’ll get you little chick costumes this year.

    Jed & Abby


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