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Thursday Thirteen by 1/2 of Two Barking Dogs

 Thursday Thirteen by Clover the Irish Labrador

 (1/2 of Two Barking Dogs)


1)     I like Chicken.

2)     I like Liver.

3)     I like Chicken Livers.

4)     I like Eggs.

5)     I hate being cooped up in the house all day.

6)     I like to run, and I like to chase Cosmo.

7)     I like sleeping in the closet because it is quiet and dark.

8)     We live in Virginia.  Parts of our roof are in Kansas.  Not sure where Kansas is, but I hear they have flying monkies there.  Not going to Kansas anytime soon.

9)     The other day, I let Cosmo in the closet with me because I was afraid of the noises on the roof.  He was just as chicken as I was.

10)     I don’t like Chicken shit – it smells bad.  Kind of like Cosmo’s breath. 

11)     I don’t like rabbits — unless they are canned.

12)     I don’t like squirrels — and never will.  No matter what.

13)     Do they make canned squirrel?  If so, I might change #12 to “Love me some canned squirrel.”



13 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen by 1/2 of Two Barking Dogs

  1. This totally cracked me up, like the commercial where the dog’s voice, eager for baconesque tidbits, begs the human to open the package, saying: “I’d do it myself, but I haven’t got thumbs!”



    • just a few pieces of siding .. thank goodness, because it could have been much worse. I actually found a roofer that came out at 7:15 on a Sunday morning to give me an estimate, and had his crew back at my house by 1030 am, done and fixed before the next big rains came.

      thanks for asking!


  2. Clover, my dear, you just made my night with this list! I had no idea that this was a dog’s blog(the title in the link should have tipped me off, tho). I’ll be back to read more…


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