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Irish Camera Critters

I took these photos in 2002, when my parents came to visit me in Ireland with my first digital camera.  I look at that camera now, and wonder how it even works still with all of that duct tape holding it together.  The folks’ trip was to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, and I was able to take off a considerable amount of leave while they visited me there.  I tried to show them the time of their lives, and my dad still talks about the trip.

Every once and a while my mom will say something like, “I would love to be in Ireland right now, wouldn’t you?”  And, my answer is always, “Yep. Me too.”

Over the next couple of weeks, Ill share some photos from Ireland taken between 1979 (my first trip) to 2003 (when I moved back the last time).

Here are some Irish critters:

Clover, The Mermaid of Connemara

Camera Critters



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    • The different farmers spray a specific color on their sheep, and they they roam free … then when its time to round them up and shear them, or sell at market, they know which sheep belongs to whom. Clover says thanks, she thinks she’s pretty cute too! d.


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