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Thursday Thirteen, or “TMI by TBD 2”

With no rhyme or reason, here are my 13 for today:

1.  I love reading trashy newspapers, and have been known to quote from the National Enquirer or NY Post as if it was coming straight from the New York Times or WSJ.

2.  I wrote something a few years ago that was published in the New York Times. 

3.  I think I could become agoraphobic quite easily.  Let’s face it, you can have everything delivered right to house these days.  The dogs, however, would never put up with this.

4.  I like to doodle.

5.  I hate my kitchen, and have planned its demise about 10 times. I just can’t make up my mind, am afraid that I will spend a whole chunka-chunka money and hate it even more than what I have now.  So?  I do nothing.

6.  Maybe I should doodle on the kitchen cabinets, and then I would like them more.

7.  My dogs shed.

9.  A lot.

10.  The dog hair is everywhere.  I vacuumed the inside of my refrigerator and freezer last week.   Dog hair is not a condiment. 

11.  I like gadgets; however, I have a basic pay-as-you-go nothing cell phone.  It makes and receives calls.  That’s it. 

12.  My kitchen faucet has been leaking for a really long time – like years.  Today is the day it stops.

13.  I wish I was a plumber that knew how to fix a leaky faucet and then get paid a whole chunka-chunka money to fix it.


12 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen, or “TMI by TBD 2”

  1. I thought it was me who wrote this, right up to #5, except I would change National Enquirer to People and NY Times to the Roanoke Times. On #7, I read “my dogs sled.” Oh well, off to doodle…


  2. #10… ditto for cat hair. I could probably knit several more cats from the cat fur that covers my floors, and furniture, and clothes… and yes, somehow finds its way into the refrigerator too! :-)


  3. Well, it’s unanimous: we all have hairy fridges. And floors, furniture, light fixtures, etc., etc. If we really cared, we wouldn’t have pets.

    If you really want to redo your kitchen, maybe you could get 2 or 3 or 6 of those kitchen planners to come in and give you some design ideas and cost estimates? That is not a DIY project for someone who’s faucet has been leaking for months, no offense. It might not be as big a deal as you think to reconfigure the kitchen, if you don’t like the layout. If you like the current layout, then it’s just picking colors and finishes. Mama likes colors and finishes that don’t show rust colored dog hair – or dirt. You may need to go for more of a sleek black decor with splashes of accent colors you love – red, yellow, whatever. Almost any color goes with basic black and white/silver. You could have one of those design competitions, like on HGTV, where you get several people to present their ideas and bid for your business. In this economy, they should be grateful for the possibility of a job.

    Jed & Abby


  4. yeah, it’s easy to not have to go outside. dogs are good for that but hair drifting into the freezer — wild. 2 years after we moved to our last place the hair from their cat was still drifting out of wood floor cracks or wherever it was lodged.


    • I think it has a lot to do with the dog hair gets on my clothing, I reach into the fridge and it transfers. Otherwise, I’d have to face the fact that the dogs are able to get in the fridge when I’m not home, and that my cold cuts are not safe.


  5. Fun list–I say absolutely doodle on your cupboards… why not? Might make for the most whimsical and cheerful kitchen. I like to doodle too, but my repertoire is rather limited… stars, squiggles, arrows, hashtags, boooring…


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