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I Find Stuff in Books – 1 & 2

I find stuff in books.  I find stuff in books that I buy at the thrift store, at yard sales, or at library sales.  Its not that I’m looking to find stuff, I just do. 

One time, I bought this book for $2 at the thrift store:

When I got home, and started to flip through the book, I found a card congratulating David on his retirement, and inside the card was this:

I called Lowe’s and found out that the card was still active, and it was worth $100.  Woohoo!  I used the card to purchase some gardening supplies.  I did feel guilty about not giving the card back to the thrift store, so in order to ease my conscience, I spent $200 there the next time I went. 

A few months later, at the same thrift store, I purchased this book (on sale for 50 cents):

In this book, taped to the inside cover, was this:

The next time I went into this thrift store, I had a word with the manager about my finds.  He was thrilled for me, and had me explain to the ladies sorting the books in the back that they should shake the books to see if any money falls out.  I then went out and spent twice the $50 to erase some more of my guilt. 

You never know what you’re going to find stuck inside an old used book.  In my case, it usually comes with a huge amount of guilt!


7 thoughts on “I Find Stuff in Books – 1 & 2

  1. Makes me want to check all my thirft store finds and makes me worry I should have checked all my books and items before I sent them to the thrift store over the years LOL.


  2. Good Grief! Cut it out! You bought the books, you didn’t cheat anyone or lie about the original Mozart manuscripts disguised to look like Thompson practice books. And you’re entitled to as much good luck as the universe sends your way to help balance the bad luck. Accept with gratitude, not guilt.

    Jed & Abby


  3. How fun for you to find gift cards and money! As for the guilt. . . .Snap out of it! You were meant to find this good stuff and you are doing the right thing spending a bit more to salve your guilt! You are a good person and what a wonderful story! Keep the blog going and have a great (and prosperous) day!


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