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the act or fact of informing

  • I saw Boris last week for an MRI that my neurologist ordered.  I am very thankful for the “Open MRI” and highly recommend it to anyone with even a hint of claustrophobia.  Or, if you’re “fluffy” like me.  Or both.


  • I see my neurologist next week to go over my MRI and a few other things, including the twitching I’m experiencing (face, eyes, scalp, and other fun and unmentionable places).


  • I’ve been out sick this week with a head cold/sinusitus.  What’s that line from a Jimmy Buffett song “My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink …”  Yep.  That’s pretty much it.  And, there is NOTHING on television.  Seriously. 


  • I bought myself a Kindle for Christmas. and a strange thing has happened.  I usually pick up books at yardsales and thrift stores, and if I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for, I just move on to something else with no real direction.  Now, with the Kindle, I have latched onto a couple of authors I am enjoying and as soon as I finish one book, I download another.  Oye.  Kindle may be my financial downfall.


  • Both of my dogs are plotting a revolt.  I can tell.  There is insurrection in the air, and if Clover throws her Kong at me one more time ….

3 thoughts on “the act or fact of informing

  1. Hope you’re feeling better with the sinus thing. Interested to read there is an “open” MRI. Mama is also a traditionally built [if you haven’t already read it, kindle “The Number One Lady’s Detective Agency” by Alexander McCall Smith] lady for whom the traditional MRI machines were not designed. Hope the results are even better than you hope.

    Jed & Abby


    • Thanks!

      I have that book in my pile under the bed .. with all of the other “need to reads.” I’ll have to dig it out.

      I definitely recommend the open MRI as a patient. Some doctors don’t like them, because the closed MRI supposedly gives better images.


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