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Things That Make Cosmo Crazy

Cosmo is not really crazy, he is just strange sometimes.  He is very different from Clover: he likes to cuddle, he doesn’t snore very much, and he is sweet and gentle when taking treats.  As I sit here on the couch writing this, he is curled up next to me. 


Squirrels; and,

Really Loud Noises.

That’s pretty much what sets him off. 

I have never figured out the sneezing thing.  If anyone sneezes in his vicinity, he hides, usually in the closet upstairs in my bedroom.  Maybe he thinks he’s being yelled at?  Not sure, but God help him if I catch the flu this winter.   Poor thing will never come out of hiding. 

Squirrels.  Well, that’s pretty much a given — he is a dog after all.  And, we all know how squirrels were put on this earth to drive dogs crazy.

Really Loud Noises.  Mostly the neighbors slamming doors, gunfire a la Johnny Depp in Public Enemy blaring from the television.  He also doesn’t like it when you scream at the television when your favorite football team does something really stupid. 

Clover, on the other hand is mental, but she’s my dog, and I take full responsibility.  Plus, I think I’ve become immune to her nutty behavior

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9 thoughts on “Things That Make Cosmo Crazy

  1. Cosmo sound like my kind of dog. I dont’ like squirrels. They may me crazy too. Loud noises — I just howl. I don’t like when mama coughs and sneezes. She’s sick right now. That doesn’t stop me from cuddling in. I think she needs me more. There’s obviously a bad flea her making her sneeze and cough. I intend to bite it when it comes out!

    I know Mama calls me crazy dog when I wander around the house moaning because I can’t find a place to hide my bully stick.

    Your Pal,


  2. Dogs respond to things differently …our dog doesn’t like thunder or fireworks, and she gets upset if we have a “loud discussion” which can be often because my husband won’t do anything about his hearing problem.
    Cute pictures of Cosmo and Clover.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel


  3. Our dog, Lady, is scared to death of storms/thunder. Not much else bothers her although she seems to think the cats are out to get her some days :-)

    For Cosmo’s sake I do hope you don’t get a cold or flu this winter — and for your sake as well since no one wants to be stuck with such things (we’re dealing with some variation of the flu right now — yuck!)

    I’m visiting via Camera Critters and do hope you’ll come visit me as well — Lady the half Brittany would enjoy that :-)


  4. :D What a great description! I feel like I know Cosmo now :D He’s more than welcome to come over and chase squirrels with me :)

    Waggin at ya (one Cracker dog to another ;)


  5. Frasier is not spooked by much. He’s not afraid of gun shots, thunder, fireworks or just about any noise. But every time somebody turns on a camera, he’s out the door as fast as he can go!


  6. He’s an original and no mistake! Had not heard of the sneezing reaction; perhaps something traumatic happened to him when he was tiny that was associated with a sneeze? Someone stepped on him hard, or dropped something on him, or dropped him? Wonder if the standard desensitizing routine would work on sneezing? Mama doesn’t worry about the squirrel issue: it is, as you say, normal, and we’re never going to catch one, anyway. We think the Really Loud Noises are kinda in an intermediate category; dangerous if it could lead him to bolt, but manageable if he just moves to a safe room. Do you have a panic room, Cosmo? Oh, asked and answered: the closet, of course.


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