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Oh! My Aching Back!

My dad has always had a bad back, but recently it seemed to be causing him some extreme discomfort. We finally nagged him enough to get him to go to the doctor, and he did last week. The doctor set him up with an MRI and a referral to a spine doctor and set the wheels in motion. He ended up having a procedure yesterday called vertebroplasty. It sounded kind of simple, wherein the doctor injects bone cement through a needle into the cracks in the spine. Sounds weird, but according to my dad, it works pretty well.

Me: Hey mom! How did the procedure go?

Mom: It went well. Here talk to your dad.

Dad: [cheerful voice] Hey kid. Everything went just fine. I was just getting comfortable on the examination table yesterday, and the doctor said, “Ok, You’re done. You can get up now.” How about that? It was practically painless, and he sent me home almost immediately!

Me: I hope you’re taking it easy.

Dad: Well, of course. I did go to bed early last night though. I’m kind of sore, but I can already feel the difference. Its like they glued all the pieces back together, and it feels great!

Me: I’m so glad! Now you can get back to walking the dog once and a while. Help mom around the house. You know, keep busy and active. No more excuses!

Dad: Well, I don’t know if I could make it all the way around the block, but from the house to the corner and back sounds doable. Maybe next week, I’ll give it a try.

Me: Good for you!

Dad: Ok. Here’s your mom.

Mom: He sounds great doesn’t he? We’re both very surprised to see how quickly he is seeing positive changes. Who knew you could glue bones back together like that?

Me: He said he would try and start walking the dog next week.

Mom: Oh, yeah. Well, we’ll see if he even remembers that next week!

[ at this point my mom yells at my father … “STOP THAT! Go Sit Down, I’ll get it!!” ]


Me: What the heck did he do?

Mom: He just bent over to pick something up off the ground. He shouldn’t be doing that! That is how this all started! When he tried to pick something up off the floor at Christmas! [Jerry! For God’s sake. Go sit down!]

Me: Maybe he’ll feel good enough to take you out to lunch this week.

Mom: Oh, yeah, right. I won’t be holding my breath on that one.


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