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I want to share something that I learned recently; or “Please don’t press that button.”

When driving in the car with your two dogs in the back seat of your vehicle, make sure that you know where the baby/puppy proof anti-window open/close up/down button for the backseat windows is otherwise, you will be driving down I-95 at 6:00 a.m. and all of a sudden a window in the backseat will open and you will nearly have a heart attack because you think the back door has opened and you are scattering Labrador Retrievers all over the highway. 

Thanks to Cosmo for being such a smart dog, having figured out how to ventilate the car all on his own.  But, just so you know, I know exactly where the button is located now. 


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13 thoughts on “I want to share something that I learned recently; or “Please don’t press that button.”

  1. Your comment about scattering Labrador Retrievers all over the highway made me choke on my popcorn.

    That face looks just a bit guilty.


  2. Found that out the hard way too. I was taking the dogs to the vet and while I was stopped at a red light, one of the dogs stepped on the button that put down the back window in the SUV (I didn’t even know where the stupid button was!) By the grace of God, my ill behaved terrible bad dog decided NOT to jump out of the window after I screamed NO!!!! like a lunatic. Locks are always on now!


  3. AS an owner of two dogs I TOTALLY relate to the fear that they were being ejected onto the highway. It nice to have these learning experiences when no one gets hurt! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Man, that will get the adrenaline pumping! One of the advantages of driving a dorky old van: no electric windows in the back. Just those little push-out latched things. The rear window has to be manually unlocked with a key. Glad there was no harm done, except maybe your blood pressure.

    Jed & Abby


  5. Scary! I had a dog once that stood on the lock door button and locked herself in the car with my keys in the ignition. Fortunately it was not hot outside and it took only a few minutes for help to arrive with spare keys.


  6. My lab rolled down the window on her own one day, and then we heard yelping because she had then managed to roll it up and get her head stuck in the window. It was very tramatic. Like my brother says “She is just smart enough…”


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