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Two Barking Dogs 10 Best of 2010

Looking back on 2010, picking out my 10 favorites, and trying to keep both Clover and Cosmo calm while the neighbors set off New Year’s fireworks.  Poor dogs.  This is the first time Cosmo has gone mental over the fireworks, and at exactly 12:01 a.m., he jumped on my lap, waking me from my first “nap” of 2011, so what’s a girl to do, but blog?

1)  One of the biggest events in my area last year was Snowmageddon!  I truly hope to never have to deal with this much snow ever again even though the dogs enjoyed it quite a bit.  Every time I hear the word “snow,” I start to stockpile toilet paper, milk, dog food, and bread. 

2)  A True Freaking Story!  Conversations with my mom and sister were a part of the blog this year.  My mom’s not too thrilled with me about this, and begins a lot of conversations lately with, “Well, I hope this doesn’t end up on the blog ….” to which I reply, “You just never know.”

3)  Exactly How Many Jars of Pickles does a person need? I just cleaned out my parents’ refrigerator again, and the pickle collection continues to grow.  I give up.

4)  Another True Freaking Story is a conversation with my sister.  It doesn’t get any stranger than this.  At least not yet anyway.

5)  themoststupidpeopleinmyuniverse.  This about sums up my year.  Funny when it happens to someone else. 

6)  My pup is almost 10 years old, but doesn’t show her “old” age in these puppy photos. 

7)  Its All About Cosmo!  What can I say? If I was a sensitive sort, I might be upset that my parents like my dogs better than they do me. 

8)  Blue Dots in the Cereal.  My mother has the patience of a saint when dealing with my dad, and my dad continues to keep up entertained.  Thank God.

9)  My Breakfast With Frank.  I enjoyed my breakfast with Frank, and wonder if I’ll ever run into him again. 

10) I am very glad that the Crap of 2010 was not as bad as the Crap of 2009.  I just hope that there is way less crap in 2011.


For whatever reason, I am having trouble linking to “The Best of 2010 Blog Hop.”  Here is the link to “Pawcurious” who originated the Hop, and has Mr. Linky working just fine. 


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